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Having your own website allows the organization to operate more productively in the market, because your own page on the Internet is information and advertising that are aimed at a potential client. Your site allows you not only to place a catalog of products offered or indicate the list of services provided, but even to make financial settlements with the consumer. So far, the site is not available to absolutely all entrepreneurs, in some types of business it is not needed at all (as in others, on the contrary, it is vital), but today more and more companies are asking themselves the question of creating their own Internet portal dedicated directly to one company. 

For specific types of activities, creating your own website is enough to make it more convenient for the client to learn about the company and see its level, because the quality of the website can tell a lot about the company itself. For those organizations that have many competitors and who need constant visits to their resource, simply registering your page is not enough, because the Internet user does not see it due to poor rankings in search engines. The average person very rarely navigates the pages of search engine results, preferring to go to the first links, which nullifies the usefulness of the content of the site for many companies. Therefore, businesses are looking for ways to do business online., to raise your rating, however, this is a whole process that requires certain knowledge and takes a lot of time. Against this background, companies began to appear that offer the creation, optimization and maintenance of the site – its “promotion”.

You won’t surprise anyone with the creation of a website – companies offering such services began to form back in ancient times and at the initial stage of their existence often represented a single programmer who figured out the HTML code, learned all the details of registering a domain and getting hosting, after which created simple pages on order without any hint of their optimization. Due to the fact that programming seems difficult to most people, and entrepreneurs are completely focused on doing business, and not on learning programming languages ​​​​and creating codes, triggers and scripts, even the most stupid computer scientist knew and could do more than them. Times changed, and soon businessmen needed not just a website, but a beautiful and functional website, which forced self-taught people to either leave this practice, 

The demands grew, full-fledged organizations began to form, which already offered professional creation of pages on the Internet, and soon the market was oversaturated. There are many programmers, for a knowledgeable specialist there is no difficulty in creating and registering a site, so a lot of companies have opened. Tough competition has led to the fact that either the already experienced and well-known, or the most progressive survive. 

Entering the market for creating websites is very difficult, but in addition to creating, you can also offer support with promotion. Many firms today are interested in this, and for the time being the market may provide an opportunity for newcomers to enter it. However, the competition already exists and is quite serious, so at the very beginning you need to either reduce the cost of your services or attract a potential client with your own website. 

Online advertising of such a business is carried out mainly on the Internet, so the presence of competent specialists will help promote your own website, because this is included in the list of their job responsibilities.

The site promotion studio should offer the client the creation, promotion and support of his Internet resource. The creation of websites for the reasons indicated above is unlikely to become the main activity of the company, but as an additional service it will bring good income. A person who is looking for a company to create a website will most likely choose one that also offers the promotion of an Internet portal. 

Unfortunately, doing business online only on the Internet will not work, and you will have to rent an office for full-time employees. It will cost from 30 thousand rubles a month, since it will have to be located in the central districts of the city. It will be necessary to have a customer service specialist, two programmers and two designers who can also deal with website layout. This team will be able to accept potential customers, find them and offer services, if successful, negotiate with them the conditions for creating or updating the site and perform this type of work. But in order to be able to promote a client’s site, you need a lot of additional people, most of which will become freelancers. 

To successfully engage in this type of activity, you need to find a person who already has sufficient knowledge of search engine optimization, this particular employee will lead the work and will manage the workflow of most of the team. In addition to it, analyzers, optimizers, programmers and copywriters are needed. The analyzers will be engaged in evaluating the created or being created client site in order to identify ways to improve it, as well as monitoring the principles of operation of search engines that are constantly improving the search algorithm of their machines. Optimizers will work directly with copywriters and perfect the text content of the pages. Programmers will be technical performers who implement the created optimization material, not only texts, but also all other possible additions. This work can also be done by full-time programmers, whose main responsibility is to create pages. And finally, copywriters are freelancers who are involved depending on the number of orders and write special texts with certain criteria that are determined by optimizers. 

Programmers, a lead optimizer and a couple of analyzers should always be employed in the company, the rest are attracted from outside, receiving money only for the amount of work actually performed; if the studio is already quite well-known and always has a lot of orders, then several copywriters can be hired for permanent work, who are also involved in optimization. 

It is necessary to highlight three possible ways of online business to promote websites – these are “white”, “gray” and “black” optimization. Official methods that do not contradict the terms of search engines and ensure that the site’s ranking is raised are very labor-intensive and time-consuming, but at the same time guarantee that the site will not be penalized and forcibly sent to the lower search positions. Gray optimization is a kind of balancing on the edge, experienced optimizers can carefully use it due to the effectiveness of such methods, but you should not abuse it. Black, on the other hand, involves almost fraudulent activity to raise the site to the top, which with a high degree of probability will be detected by assessors (a living person who determines the relevance and “honesty” of pages), 

It is necessary to decide what methods will be used in the work, but progressive studios do not practice fraudulent actions, since the basis of cooperation with the client is not the fulfillment of the conditions of his order for a short period, but long-term relationships, which provides the studio with work for many months. Clients themselves are interested not in a short-term rise in the rating, but in being constantly in the top of requests, which ensures a large influx of visitors. Such business conduct allows many companies to switch mainly to sales on the Internet, which makes it possible for the website promotion studio to deal with the project almost indefinitely. 

In general, the studios offer comprehensive site maintenance by the client – from its complete development (or processing in the case of an existing, but uninteresting, uninformative or poorly created) site to months-long optimization, in which it is not enough to achieve results – it also needs to be supported.

To open such a business online, you need to register as a business entity, which will require an average of 20 thousand rubles and assign the registration form code (OKPD 2) 63.12 Content of portals in the Internet information and communication network. May also be specified (OKPD 2) 63.99 Other information services, not included in other groups or (OKPD 2) 63.11 Data processing, accommodation and related services. The initial cost will be:

  • Registration – 20 thousand rubles
  • Room rental – 30 thousand rubles
  • Office equipment – 100 thousand rubles (this is the minimum amount, since it should include the purchase of special software)
  • Wages for full-time employees who will receive a small salary (about 12 thousand), having an additional percentage depending on the amount of work performed – 84 thousand rubles (customer service specialist, optimizer, analyzer, two programmers and two designers, one of which is more doing layout). Freelancers are involved as needed and receive money already from the amounts received from the customer.

The starting capital for such an undertaking is approximately 240 thousand rubles. The cost of creating a site starts from 5 thousand rubles and can reach 100 thousand, depending on the complexity of creation and added functions. On average, an order for just creating a website costs 20,000 rubles for a client. Optimization requires at least 35 thousand rubles from the customer, but this amount is systematically distributed over the first few months (2-3, as a rule), and further support costs 5-10 thousand for him. 

The amounts are very average, since the studio individually calculates the cost of its work depending on the subject of the site and the type of business – it is clear that in competitive areas, optimization will be more expensive, and in those where the client is practically the only representative of the market, it will be done quickly and inexpensively . 

It is also worth considering the promotion of groups in social networks, today it is a powerful tool that does not require money to develop a site, but gives access to a large audience, which attracts many entrepreneurs, some of whom do business only through social networks. 

Renting premises, wages and utilities will require about 140 thousand rubles a month. Finding 7 clients every month, you can cover the costs only by creating websites, while having about 12 thousand from each for the first month of optimization or 84 thousand of income. About half of this amount will go to employee bonuses and freelancers, which leaves 42,000 for the entrepreneur. This is a little more than 35 thousand net profit. 

By becoming a better-known studio, the organization will attract many more clients, which will significantly increase profits and increase the profitability of the undertaking. Each new order allows you to quickly pay back the project, under normal conditions, which will take more than six months, and also, having all the same costs, increase income.

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